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Origin: Germany

Height:  24-26″

Weight: 40-50Kgs

Color: Black, Tan, Mahogany

Coat: Short

Life expectancy: 8-10years

Temperament:  Good-Natured, Self Assured, Courageous

Guarding potential:  Excellent

Tendency to Drool:   Yes it Drools

Tolerance to Heat:  Ok

Tolerance to Cold:  Good


Rottweilers are massive & muscular dogs.

Rottweilers needs a calm and strong owner to socialize & train.

These dogs are loyal to their owner and Rottweilers does not have good Guarding potential in nature but if trained it is an excellent watch dog.

Rottweilers don’t be good with other pets so socializing is very important.

Rottweilers are hard working breed so used as service dog and search & Rescue dog.