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Origin:  India

Height: 29-35″

Weight: 22-28kgs

Colour: Black, White, Brown

Coat: Short

Life expectancy: 13 to 14 years

Temperament:  Loyal, Graceful, Courageous, Elegant

Gaurding potential: Excellent

Tendency to Drool: Low


Rajapalayam is an Indian sight hound and were used to hunt boar in ancient India. The name Rajapalayam named after a small town in Tamilnadu which is said be its origin.

It is said to be the No:1 Breed in India.

Rajapalayam comes in solid black, solid brown & pure white, the white is popular among them and some breeders often discard puppies of different color because they want all Rajapalam to be White.

He is a good watchdog and not good with Strangers & Children and being loyal to it master/owner.

Socialization is very important for Rajapalayam and need a lot of patience to Train.

They at least need a yard to exercise and if you grew them in the apartment it need regular walks to keeps it agility.