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Kumaon Mastiff

Origin:  India

Height: 21-26″

Weight: 68-82kgs

Color: Black, White, Brindle

Coat: Short

Life expectancy: 10-12 years

Temperament: Brave, loyal, friendly, aggressive

Guarding potential: Excellent

Tendency to Drool:  High


Kumaon Mastiff are Loyal & brave dogs.

They are known to be aggressive and fierce breed which can be sometimes difficult to handle. Therefore proper training and socialization is required for this dog from young ones.

Kumaon Mastiff are not recommended for first time dog owners as it is not easy to train.

They can be good with children & Other pets if socialized properly.

If trained enough they can be a excellent watchdog and protector for their family.

Good training and Socialization makes them a good natured and gentle dog.