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Golden Retriever

Origin: Great Britain

Height:  20-24″

Weight: 25-35Kgs

Color: Cream, Dark Golden, Light Golden, Golden

Coat: Medium Coat

Life expectancy: 12-15years

Temperament:  Friendly, Intelligent, Devoted

Guarding potential:  Good

Tendency to Drool:  Normal

Tolerance to Heat:  Ok

Tolerance to Cold: Very Good


Golden Retriever are affectionate, calm and athletic dog.

These dogs are suitable for all environment and it can able to adopt.

Golden Retriever makes a good apartment dog.

Golden Retriever are eager to please and loves to learn.

Golden Retriever are good with other pets & children an some even with strangers.

As you seen in many movies they are good service, guide and search & Rescue dogs. Mostly used by as guide dog for personal use.