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Gaddi Kutta

Origin:  India

Height: 20-31″

Weight: 35-45kgs

Color: Fawn, Piebald, Brindle, Cream, Brown, Yellow

Coat: Long

Life expectancy: 10-12years

Temperament:   Intelligent, Gentle, Calm, Territorial

Guarding potential: Ok

Tendency to Drool: Moderate


Gaddi Kutta are intelligent dogs from the Himalayan region.

They are large dogs with long coat hair.

They make a good family companion and goes good with children.

They were actually used to protect livestock’s in early years.

Gaddi kutta are suitable for cold conditions and has been less tolerance to warm weather due to the long coat.

Gaddi kutta has average shedding and needs a lot of grooming.

Due to territorial nature and likelihood to be aggressive towards strangers and other dogs, children might be in a harmful situation. So Socialization is required from the young one.