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Origin: Croatia

Height:   19-23″

Weight: 15-32Kgs

Color:  Liver & White, Black & White

Coat:  Short

Life expectancy: 10-13years

Temperament:  Intelligent, Energetic, Outgoing, Active, Friendly, Sensitive, Playful

Guarding potential: Good

Tendency to Drool: Low

Tolerance to Heat: Good

Tolerance to Cold:   Poor


Dalmatians are highly energetic and athletic breed. It is famous for its memory power and remember any mistreatment for years.

Dalmatian are sensitive and loyal dogs.

Socialization is important for Dalmatian as well so it will be good with children and other pets.

Dalmatians are highly energetic and need a unlimited exercise so it requires a lawn to play and exercise.

Dalmatians are pleasing so they are easy too train.

They can be a good watch dog if trained for guarding.