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Combai (2) (1)



Origin:  India

Height: 23-31″

Weight: 15-25kgs

Color: Tan

Coat: Short

Life expectancy: 13 to 14 years

Temperament: Aggressive, Savage, Ferocious, Ruthless

Guarding potential: Good

Tendency to Drool: Low


Combai dogs are loyal, Intelligent, alert and eager to please dogs and goes good with children.

It is said that it was used to hunt boar, bison & deer and has a natural hunting tendency.

Combai’s are athletic & energetic dogs and needs a yard to exercise and plays around.

Socialization is required in early stage with other dogs & small animals else you experience excessive barking in the future.

Combai’s are aggressive to unknown people & makes a good watch dog if trained properly.