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Cocker Spaniel

Origin:  Spain

Height:  13-16″

Weight: 25-35Kgs

Color: Black, Black and tan, Liver Roan, Black and White , Dark Blue Roan, Light Blue Roan and Tan, Orange and White.

Coat: Silky Long coat

Life expectancy: 10-14years

Temperament:   Gentle, Smart, Happy

Guarding potential:  Poor

Tendency to Drool:  Moderate

Tolerance to Heat:  Ok

Tolerance to Cold:  Good


If your are a pet lover cocker spaniel can be a goof choice because they are affectionate and love spending time with humans.

Cocker spaniel can be easily adoptable in all environment whether it is a apartment or a independent house with medium yard still daily exercise are required because it a active breed and can’t be lying on a rug for a long time.

They can be good with children and other pets which makes it a poor watch dog but still socialization is required for perfect behavior.

Still some dogs owners reviewed that they can be stubborn and not trainable.