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Border collie

Origin: United Kingdom

Height:  20-22″

Weight: 13-19Kgs

Color: Black, White, Blue, Blue Merle, Red Merle, Lilac, Brindle, Chocolate, Liver, Sable Merle, Gold, Red

Coat: Double coat, straight

Life expectancy: 10-17years

Temperament: Tenacious, Intelligent, Responsive, Energetic, Alert, Keen

Guarding potential: Very Good

Tendency to Drool: Low

Tolerance to Heat:  Good

Tolerance to Cold: Very Good


Border collie are agile, intelligent and makes a excellent country dog.

In the past they were used for sheepherding and even used for search and rescue.

They always be protective to their family.

He can destructive when left alone or without company.

Socialization is required to go good with other pets and children .

You can still keep a Border collie in an apartment when you can keep the dog physically active and can give good companion.

The con is some have a compulsive behaviors like chasing bugs, being impatient and following light and shadows.