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Origin:  India

Height: 24-30″

Weight: 27-32kgs

Color: Piebald, Black & Tan, Tri-color

Coat: Long

Life expectancy: 8-12years

Temperament: Loyal, Protective, Courageous, Serious, Rugged, Ferocious

Guarding potential: Excellent

Tendency to Drool: It drools


Bakharwal makes a good watchdog for your family they are Brave, Loyal and Protective.

Most of the Bakharwal don’t prefer flesh as they are vegans in nature.

They are more affectionate towards their family members and won’t accept strangers and Intruders.

They require a lot of exercise so it can’t be grown in an apartment and puppies are very active and often show a tendency to wander off or escape.

Bakharwal goes well with children, senior citizens and other dogs.

Bakharwal are commonly healthy dogs and has good tolerance when left alone.